A Brief Guide on Cremation Packages

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Families aren’t always aware of the fact that they’re going to have a variety of cremation packages to choose from when they’re planning cremation services in Rohnert Park, CA for their loved ones. Because of this, they’ll sometimes get overwhelmed when it’s time for them to pick one. You can avoid putting your family in this position by learning about the cremation packages that will be available to you in advance. Take a look at our guide on cremation packages below.


Direct cremation package

Of all the different Rohnert Park, CA cremation packages listed here, this one is going to be the simplest and the most straightforward. When you select this package, you aren’t going to hold a funeral or a memorial service for a loved one as part of their cremation. Instead, you’re going to have a funeral home cremate your loved one as quickly as they can before getting their remains back to you. Because this package is so straightforward, it will almost be the most affordable option of the bunch. It’s a great choice for any families that know they’re going to need to stick to a tight budget.


Direct cremation with a private goodbye package

Whenever possible, families should always attempt to say goodbye to their loved ones prior to the start of the cremation process. This cremation package will give you and your family the opportunity to do this. You aren’t necessarily going to be able to hold a funeral for your loved one as part of this package. But you will be able to get together with your fellow family members at some point so that you can say goodbye to your loved one together. It’s an option that will be only slightly more expensive than a regular direct cremation.


Farewell cremation package

cremation services in Rohnert Park, CAIf you and your family would like to go all out when you’re cremating a loved one, you can opt to go with this package that will enable you to stage funeral services for them. While this is the most costly cremation package, it’s also the one that is going to give your family the most freedom when it comes to celebrating your loved one’s life. You will be able to hold some kind of funeral service for them prior to the cremation process taking place.


Memorial service package

Does your family like the idea of holding a service for a loved one as part of the cremation process without having to spend a small fortune on it? Then you should know that there is also a memorial service package that will be available to you. It doesn’t include everything that the previous package does, but it will give your family a chance to come together to stage a memorial service for a loved one in a chapel setting. It’s a great compromise between the direct cremation package and the farewell cremation package.


It can be challenging for some families to choose the right cremation packages for their loved ones. If your family is struggling to do it, our funeral home can help you. We can also assist families with many of the other aspects of planning Rohnert Park, CA cremations. Contact us today for all your family’s cremation needs.

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