How to Hire a Celebrant for a Memorial Service

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Is your family thinking about holding a memorial service for a loved one either before or after their upcoming cremation services in Sebastopol, CA? If you are, you might want to consider bringing a celebrant on board for it. They’ll be able to help you piece together the different aspects of your loved one’s memorial service. They’ll also be able to host the memorial service so that your family can focus on mourning your loved one’s loss. Here is a brief guide on how to hire a celebrant for a memorial service.


See if a funeral home can provide you with a celebrant.

If you’re planning a Sebastopol, CA cremation for a loved one through a funeral home, don’t be shy about asking them if they have a celebrant on staff. Many funeral homes have celebrants that you will be able to use for a loved one’s memorial service. You might want to go as far as to choose which funeral home you would like to work with based on whether or not they’ll be able to provide you with a celebrant.


Look for all the celebrants in your area.

If a funeral home isn’t able to set you up with a celebrant, it should be simple enough to find celebrants in your area who can help you. Simply Google “celebrants near me,” and you’ll be presented with a list of all your available options. Just make sure you don’t pick the first celebrant you can find and rely on them to help you. You’ll want to sift through all your options to track down the best one of the bunch.


Find out as much as you can about local celebrants.

cremation services in Sebastopol, CAIt should be pretty easy to research all the celebrants in your area. You can do it by visiting their websites and/or social media pages. This will shed some light on which celebrants have the most experience and the best reputations around. It’ll also reveal which celebrants know how to host memorial services as opposed to other types of services.


Search for a celebrant that will fit into your family’s budget.

You and your family are already going to be spending money to carry out a loved one’s cremation. The last thing you want to do is break the bank on a celebrant that you can’t really afford. It’s why you should search for a celebrant that’s going to be able to work with your family’s budget. There are going to be some celebrants that will charge way more than others. You should try to stay away from these types of celebrants and go with one that will charge an affordable price for their services.


A lot of families are holding memorial services for their loved ones these days following their Sebastopol, CA cremations. Would your family like to take this approach to celebrate a loved one’s life? If you would, we can help you locate celebrants. Contact us now to start mapping out your loved one’s cremation services through our funeral home.

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