Pros and Cons of Direct Cremation

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Did you know that you and your family are going to be able to choose from different cremation services in Windsor, CA when you set out to cremate a loved one at a funeral home? One of the options that you’ll have will be to hold what is called a direct cremation for them. Direct cremation is a type of cremation that involves cremating a person without holding any kind of funeral or memorial service for them. Would this be the right option for your loved one? Find out about the pros and cons of direct cremation below so that you can decide.


Pro: A direct cremation will be very easy to plan.

Generally speaking, direct cremation is the easiest kind of Windsor, CA cremation to plan. This is because there really won’t be a whole lot to it. Since you aren’t going to be staging a funeral or memorial service for a loved one when you schedule a direct cremation, you should be able to map out a direct cremation in very little time. Because of this, it’ll provide you and your family with more time to mourn your loved one’s loss in the days following their death.


Con: A direct cremation won’t allow your family to celebrate a loved one’s life.

While you’ll appreciate how simple it is to plan a direct cremation for a loved one, you might not like the fact that it’ll prevent you from being able to celebrate your loved one’s life. You might feel like everything will be very rushed, which can also make it challenging to give your loved one a proper goodbye. If you and your family want to slow things down and celebrate the life that your loved one was able to lead, you might not want to go with a direct cremation after all.


Pro: A direct cremation will help your family stick to a budget.

cremation services in Windsor, CAIf your family needs to stick to a very tight budget when planning cremation services for a loved one, you’ll love how affordable a direct cremation will be. Of all the different types of cremation services, direct cremation is, by far, the cheapest. You aren’t going to have to worry about paying for a viewing, a funeral, a memorial service, or anything else. At the same time, you will have the option to possibly hold some kind of service for a loved one later if you would like. It’ll give you time to save up the money you’ll need to put together plans for a true celebration.


Con: A direct cremation might not surround your family with the support you need.

When you hold a direct cremation for a loved one, it’s going to strip you and your fellow family members of the chance to surround yourselves with support during a funeral or memorial service. You will have to lean on each other instead of relying on other people to set you up with love and support during your dark days. This might provide you with a good reason to have some kind of celebration of your loved one’s life. Doing this is going to supply you with more than enough support and help you grieve your loved one’s death more effectively.


Do you want to learn more about direct cremation so that you can decide if one would be right for your loved one? Our funeral home can break it down for you. We can also speak with you about the other types of Windsor, CA cremations that your family can plan. Give us a call to get additional information on our cremation services.

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