Understanding the Different Types of Cremation Services Available

Posted on March 14, 2022 by under cremation services
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cremation services in Healdsburg, CA

When you head down to a local funeral home to plan cremation services in Healdsburg, CA for a loved one, you might be under the impression that all cremations are the same. How many different ways can you cremate a person? The actual cremation process will stay the same at funeral homes. But funeral homes will also offer a bunch of different types of cremation services to go along with the cremation itself. Here are the four main types of cremation services that you and your family can choose for a loved one.

Direct cremation

If you and your family are interested in scheduling the most basic type of Healdsburg, CA cremation for a loved one, you will want to plan what is called a direct cremation. A direct cremation is a kind of cremation that includes a cremation and nothing else. There won’t be any kind of funeral services that go along with it. You and your family might be interested in learning more about direct cremation if you’re on a tight budget and looking to cremate a loved one quickly.

Traditional funeral with a cremation after

While your family is welcome to choose a direct cremation for a loved one, most good funeral homes will recommend holding some kind of funeral for a loved one as part of their cremation services. For example, you can stage a traditional funeral service for a loved one and then cremate them after. You can actually make your loved one’s funeral look and feel just like any other funeral prior to cremating them.

Cremation with a memorial service to follow

If you and your family would like to wait until after a loved one’s cremation to celebrate their life, you will also have the option to do this. You can sit back and let a funeral home handle your loved one’s actual cremation and plan a memorial service for them while they’re doing it. This is a fantastic option for any families that don’t want to have to rush through the cremation planning process. You can hold a memorial service for your loved one right after your loved one’s cremation or give it some time and hold it in a few weeks or even months.

Cremation with a celebration of life later

cremation services in Healdsburg, CAMore and more families have started to cremate their loved ones and hold special celebratory events to pay tribute to the wonderful lives that their loved ones lived. These events are called celebrations of life, and they often look a whole lot different than funeral services do. They’re designed to be celebrations that feature food, music, laughter, and more. It’s one more option that families will have when they’re looking into the types of cremation services that they can pick from.

Would you and your family like to get some more information on the various types of Healdsburg, CA cremations before choosing one? You can obtain the info that you need when you plan a cremation for your loved one through our funeral home. Touch base with us today to kickstart the cremation planning process with our help.