Ways in Which You Can Customize a Loved One’s Casket

Posted on March 20th, 2023 by under funeral homes
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If you and your family are going to be on a tight budget when planning a loved one’s funeral at one of the funeral homes in Healdsburg, CA, you might not want to go too crazy when it comes to customizing a loved one’s casket. But if you can afford to do it, customizing their casket will be an excellent way to pay tribute to them and celebrate their life. There are tons of ways in which you can customize a loved one’s casket to make it unique. Take a look at several ways that you do it below.


Make it your loved one’s favorite color.

When you picture a casket in your head, you more than likely picture it being brown, black, or another basic color. But the truth is that you can make a casket in pretty much any color that you would like. You might want to think about making a loved one’s casket their favorite color. Or you might want to give some thought to making it the colors associated with their favorite sports team. You can let your imagination run wild when it comes to choosing colors for your loved one’s casket.


Add a special lining to the inside of it.

In addition to making the outside of a loved one’s casket a certain color, you can also customize the inside of it with a special lining. You can choose which material this lining will be made out of, and you can also select which color it’ll be. It’ll be an especially good idea to go in this direction if you’re going to be holding a viewing for a loved one. You’ll get to show the lining that you went with during it.


Engrave the outside of it.

funeral homes in Healdsburg, CA Would you like to put your loved one’s name on the outside of their casket along with the dates of their birth and death and maybe even a quote that reminds you of them? You’re welcome to engrave almost anything you would like on the outside of a loved one’s casket. You can also make the words that you engrave as big or as small as you would like. It’ll give your loved one’s casket a more personal touch.


Put photos on the inside and/or outside of it.

If you really want to go all out when customizing a loved one’s casket, you might want to have photos of your loved one put on the inside and/or the outside of it. This is, again, a fantastic idea for any family that will be holding a viewing for a loved one at a Healdsburg, CA funeral home. You’ll be able to show off the photos you had put on your loved one’s casket during the viewing. It’ll be a great way to put your loved one’s casket over the top.


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