What Is a Scattering Tube? Things to Know

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Most families will choose to have their loved one’s cremated remains placed into cremation urns following their cremation services in Sebastopol, CA. But if your loved one is planning on scattering a loved one’s remains, you might not want to invest in one. It won’t make a lot of sense to spend money on an urn that you’re not going to use for very long. Instead, you should consider going with a scattering tube. Not sure what a scattering tube is? Find out below.


What is a scattering tube?

A scattering tube is a tube that can be used to hold a person’s remains in between their Sebastopol, CA cremation and their ash scattering ceremony. It’s also a tube that can be used to actually scatter their remains. If your family is going to be scattering a loved one’s remains, you should explore the idea of investing in a scattering tube. It might make the ash scattering process so much simpler than it would be otherwise.


Why should you think about buying a scattering tube?

A scattering tube for a loved one’s remains will, first and foremost, provide protection for them. It’s one of the top reasons why you should consider placing a loved one’s remains into a scattering tube versus simply carrying them around in a plain cardboard box or, worse, a plain plastic baggie. A scattering tube is also going to make it physically easier for you to scatter a loved one’s remains all over the place as opposed to having them all fall out at once. You can make sure that you’re able to spread a loved one’s remains out with a scattering tube.


How much will a scattering tube cost?

The price that you’ll end up paying for a scattering tube will depend on a number of different factors. Everything from the size of a scattering tube to the design that appears on the outside of it will impact its price of it. But generally speaking, scattering tubes are only going to cost a fraction of what urns will. This is yet another reason why it might make a lot of sense for your family to invest in one. It’ll make scattering a loved one’s remains easier without breaking the bank.


cremation services in Sebastopol, CA Where can you buy a scattering tube?

You should be able to get your hands on a scattering tube through most funeral homes that offer cremation services. You might also be able to shop around out there in the world to find one. Since the cremation rate has gone up so much in recent years, there are many companies that now specialize in manufacturing cremation merchandise like scattering tubes. They should be able to provide you with plenty of options when your family is in the market for a scattering tube.


Before families start thinking about scattering their loved one’s remains, they’ll need to plan Sebastopol, CA cremations for them. Our funeral home can provide your family with cremation services and help set you up with cremation merchandise. Give us a call for all your important cremation-related needs.

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