What Your Loved One Can Wear During a Cremation

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If your family is cremating a loved one for the first time, you might have all kinds of questions about how the cremation process works. One of the biggest questions that families sometimes have when planning cremation services in Rohnert Park, CA is about what their loved ones should wear during their cremations. Are you trying to decide what to put your loved one in for their cremation? Get a better idea of what your options will be below.


Formal attire

When burying a loved one, families will usually choose to put them in a suit or dress. So why not think about doing the same thing for Rohnert Park, CA cremations? You and your family will be more than welcome to stick a loved one into their Sunday best. It’ll ensure that your loved one looks amazing in the days and hours leading up to their cremation. You might want to strongly consider going in this direction if you’re going to be holding a viewing for your loved one prior to their cremation.


Hospital gown

While you and your family can choose to put a loved one into formal attire if you’d like, you can also keep them dressed in something that falls on the opposite end of the spectrum. If your loved one died while in a hospital, you can have them cremated in the same hospital gown they were wearing when they arrived at a funeral home. This will be a good option for those families who would prefer not to part ways with a loved one’s outfit during their cremation.


Casual outfit

cremation services in Rohnert Park, CA You don’t necessarily have to cremate a loved one in something that’s either super fancy or the bare minimum. You can also cremate them in something that falls somewhere in the middle. For example, if your loved one enjoyed wearing a particular outfit all the time, that might be the outfit that you’ll want to have them cremated in. Even if it’s something as simple as a T-shirt and jeans, it might be a very fitting outfit for them to wear. You’ll appreciate being able to see them in this outfit one last time before the start of their cremation services.


Nothing at all

Although some funeral homes might not allow it, you may have the option to cremate your loved one without any clothes on at all. This could be the right choice for families that want to send their loved ones out of this world in much the same way that they were welcomed into it. It would be worth at least asking a funeral home if this might be an option for your loved one. They might agree to let you cremate them without any clothes on.


Do you have additional questions about the Rohnert Park, CA cremation process? Our funeral home can answer them all for you and make your family feel more comfortable with the idea of cremating a loved one. Contact us now to speak with a cremation specialist.

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