What a Family Can Do With a Loved One’s Remains

Posted on April 11, 2022 by under cremation services
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If you and your family decide to bury a loved one, you’ll really only have one option once their funeral services at a funeral home are complete. You’ll need to arrange to have their body taken to a cemetery so that it can be buried. But when you plan cremation services in Sebastopol, CA for a loved one, you’ll have a number of options available to you when it comes to deciding what you want to do with their cremated remains. You should carefully consider each option and select the best one for your family. Find out about what your family can do with a loved one’s remains below.

Display them in your home

If you and your family don’t want to let your loved one’s remains out of your sight following their Sebastopol, CA cremation services, you’re free to bring their remains home with you. You can stick them into a cremation urn that you purchase from a funeral home and then have that urn put on display in your house. You can display your loved one’s urn on a fireplace mantel, in a hutch, or even on a table in your foyer so that it’s the first thing you see when you walk into your house and the last thing you see when you leave it. It’ll be up to your family to find the perfect place to display a loved one’s remains if you choose to go in this direction.

Bury them in a cemetery

If you and your family don’t want to have to deal with the responsibility of keeping a loved one’s remains safe in your home, you can also choose to bury them just like you would bury their body. Cemeteries often have burial plots reserved exclusively for cremation urns containing people’s cremated remains. You can buy a burial plot for your loved one, bury their remains in it, and put up a headstone or another type of permanent memorial for them. You won’t have to worry about anything happening to your loved one’s remains when you put them in the ground.

Store them in a cremation niche

Suppose you and your family like the idea of potentially putting a loved one’s remains in a cemetery but don’t necessarily want to bury them. In that case, there is yet another option for you to consider. You can have your loved one’s remains placed in a cremation niche inside of a structure called a columbarium. Many families have come to like this option better than burying a loved one’s remains in the ground. You’ll still usually be able to create a permanent memorial for your loved one, but you won’t have to bury them to do it.cremation services in Sebastopol, CA

Scatter them in a special place

If you and your family are OK with saying goodbye to a loved one’s remains for good, you can also decide to scatter them in a special place. You should definitely do this if your loved one specifically requested to have their remains scattered. But you should also think about doing it if there is a place that you and your family would like to leave your loved one’s remains in. You’ll be able to come back to this place in the future so that you can feel your loved one’s presence all around you while you’re in it.

Is your family unsure of what you should do with a loved one’s cremated remains? Our funeral home can help families make a decision when they plan Sebastopol, CA cremations for their loved ones through us. Contact us now for all your family’s important cremation needs.